BMW X5 SUV 2013 review
BMW X5 SUV 2013 review

BMW X5 SUV 2013 review

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the bmw x5 has always been a good choice. for people after a sporty SUV this new. version promises to be just as good to. drivers before yet even more luxurious. but before we get into all that let’s. first talk about the practicality as. before you’ve got a split tailgate so. it’s easier to open in tight spaces the. top bit that’s electrically operated you. know the bottom bit by pulling that.

MWSnap877 BMW X5 SUV 2013 review
BMW X5 SUV 2013 review

lever you can sit on this bit if you. want to take a bit of a rest. but it also improves loading and loading. of really heavy items so you won’t hurt. your back also because the cars run flat. tires you don’t need a spare so you can. actually use this area under here to. store your valuable shopping in terms of. outright boot space the x5 is slight. down on its main rivals but only by a. few litres but when you fold the. a three-way split of all seats down flat.

its total volume is actually bigger than. many rivals so you lose some you win. some. this new x5 is built on the same. platform as the old x5 but BMW have. given it a square of body and that means. you’ve got more interior space and as. you can see there’s plenty of room in. the back seats even for adults and. you’ll be fine even if you’re over 6. foot you can actually fit three abreast. here if you need to because of the centre. seat is pretty usable and it helps at. the floor well that’s almost completely. flat so everyone has somewhere to put. their feet storage in the back is good. too with useful door bins cupholders in. the armrest and airplane style folders.

in the seat backs up front the x5 is no. npv but it has as many useful cubbies as. its rivals and the door bins are. especially large BMW is given this new. x5 absolutely loads of standard kit all. models get excellent 8-speed. automatic gearbox leather seats which. yeah. believe me that they’re very comfortable. you’ve also got bluetooth for your. mobile phone there’s da B digital radio. there’s iPod connectivity there’s a 20. gig hard drive for all your music you. get climate control cruise control. there’s parking sensors the xenon. headlamps and also a special SOS. system which will automatically call the. emergency services if you have an. accident the professional sat-nav with. high-definition 10 inch display is. standard across the range too and it’s.

now even easier to use as you can input. destinations at the swipe of your finger. using the new eye drives touch sensitive. pad that’s not the only improvement. though the redesigned interior is. noticeably more upmarket than before and. feels very avant-garde. if you want to make your x5 feel even. posture inside you can get some upgraded. leather mood lighting surround cameras. and a panoramic sunroof which open so. wide that when you have it on its most.

open setting almost makes you feel like. you’ve sat in a convertible the x5 is. available with a wide range of engines. most of which are carried over from the. previous car there’s a 4.4 liter turbo. v8 that can sprint to 60 miles an hour. in just five seconds but the tri turbo. three litre diesel in this m50d is. pretty much as quick it can return 42. miles per gallon however if it’s economy.

you’re after you’re gonna want the new. four-cylinder diesel in the 25 d model. and if you get that car with a. rear-wheel drive only version of the x5. then you’re looking at around 50 miles. per gallon which considering the size of. this thing is pretty impressive. speaking of size the excellent. visibility and raised driving position. means that despite its chunky dimensions. the x5 is actually pretty easy to. navigate through tight spaces the way. the x5 handles also belies its balking. it on any body roll through the corners. there’s loads of grip and I think. overall this car is one of the Sporty’s. SUVs to drive then there’s the comfort.

its improved over the previous model. there you will want the adaptive. suspension which is standard on M Sport. models if you want the car to be as. comfy as it can be. whatever you do though don’t put the car. into sports mode because in the. suspension becomes a necessarily firm. and thumpy / bums and the steering. weights up to the point of being. annoyingly heavy and I think overall the. ride quality is slightly better in the. Range Rover Sport and that makes it a. better cruiser speaking of which the. diesels in the BMW are a bit ratalie. compared to those in the Range Rover so.

this synthetic engine noises a plane. to the car speakers when you accelerate. thing is though if you open the window. and the sunroof and then you accelerate. you’re gonna hear what everyone on the outside hears and it’s. there you go it’s that familiar diesel. clatter so just shut everything up and. drive along in denial. also while BMW generally has a good. reputation for reliability the previous. x5 was the firm’s lowest ranking model. in a 2013 driver power customer. satisfaction survey in fact it came in. the bottom quartile for reliability and. remember a lot of the old car is carried. over into this new carbon click here if.

you want to rate your car a driver power. co uk the x5 s design could be an issue. for some people too personally I’m not a. fan of the way it looks and that’s why I. didn’t bother to clean it for this video. sorry. finally there’s the fact that the x5. isn’t exactly the best 4×4 off-road but. it’s a great all-rounder on-road and. let’s face it that’s where pretty much. everyone who buys this kind of SUV is. going to be using it but is it the right. car for you well before you decide you. should check out our reviews of its key. rivals the Mercedes ML here and down. here for the Range Rover Sport and don’t forget to click on our logo to subscribe. forget to click on our logo to subscribe to the car buyer youtube channel.

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