Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City - Comparison Review
Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City - Comparison Review

Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City – Comparison Review

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Hello and welcome to MotorBeam. The Maruti Ciaz and the Honda City are the most popular sedans in the mid size C segment. While the Ciaz is the newer offering, the City has been the market leader for a long time now. So if you had to pick one from these two, which one would you rather choose. In today’s episode we find out. Neither of these two cars carry exciting designs but both look good. The City has some nice touches but the Ciaz is longer and that gives it more presence,. it also has bigger 16-inch wheels and projector headlights. Both cars carry a lot of chrome and get heavy detailing on the bumpers. The tail lights of both cars are awfully similar.

MWSnap871 Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City - Comparison Review
Maruti Ciaz vs Honda City – Comparison Review

However the arrow shot design of the Honda makes it look more attractive. Things are similar on the inside too because both cars have a roomy cabin,. the Ciaz offers more space thanks to a longer wheelbase. The City too has abundant legroom but with better seats than the Maruti, it offers much more comfort to the passengers. Even features are quite similar in both cars so you get Keyless Go,. push button start, touchscreen audio system with navigation, steering mounted audio controls,. Bluetooth connectivity, climate control AC, rear AC vents, leather seats, rear centre arm rear with cup holders,. dual airbags, ABS, reverse cameras, electrically retracting outside mirrors. Both cars get fixed rear headrests but both lack headroom at the rear for tall passengers.

Both these cars do have additional features over each other like the Ciaz gets rear parking sensors,. rear windscreen sun blind and auto dimming inside mirror which the City lacks. But the Honda gets a touch screen for the climate control, cruise control, first in segment sun roof,. auto sensing door unlock, two more power outlets, Eco mode indicator and twin views for the reverse camera. Quality of plastics seem better in the Ciaz while the Honda feels better put together and the cabin is more airy too. Honda’s asymmetric dashboard design feels exciting to us while in the Ciaz,.

parts like the steering wheel and switches come from cheaper Maruti’s, which robs away the feel good factor. The Ciaz does have more storage spaces, and both cars have similar sized boots which are quite big. Honda has more powerful engines on offer, be it petrol or diesel while the Ciaz seems under powered in comparison. In terms of diesel, the difference isn’t vast as the diesel Ciaz has a wider power band, making it quicker than the City. Honda’s diesel engine can’t match the Fiat in terms of NVH but the City. offers better drivability in town as the Ciaz’ turbo takes time to spool.

The Maruti also has the better gearbox although the diesel City gets an extra cog helping it to cruise better. The diesel Ciaz has a higher 5300 RPM redline against the City whose limiter cuts in a shade above 4000 RPM. When it comes to petrol engines, the city’s massive power advantage. not only makes it vastly quicker but much more fun to drive. The City has a massive 7000 RPM redline. while the Maruti K-Series engine just won’t go above 6200 RPM. The Honda offers great massive top-end performance while the Maruti is better for ambling around in the city.

The Honda has the better gearbox here and the clutch is light on both cars. Both petrol models are offered with automatic transmission, the City’s 7-step CVT being better than the 4-speed unit in the Ciaz. The Ciaz will return a km/l more mileage than the City, thanks to its lighter weight,. The Maruti Ciaz is softly sprung while the Honda City has a stiffer set-up,. this results in the Ciaz having a much better ride quality than the City. The comfort offered by the Maruti is truly outstanding and it’s just better at absorbing bumps, the suspension being less noisy too.

The City on the other hand has the better handling, its body control is much better. than the Ciaz and the steering offers drastically more feel than the Maruti which simply feels lifeless at speed. While braking performance is good in both cars, the wider tyres on the Ciaz results in more. sure-footed stopping while Honda offers narrower 175 mm tyres which are just not up to the job. The City also has a lower ground clearance which makes it touch the road on a big speed-breaker. The Ciaz is a great attempt by Maruti but it is the Honda City that still impresses us. Petrol and diesel both engines on the Ciaz are very underpowered when compared to competition. Thank you for watching Motorbeam. For more videos, don’t forget to share, like, comment and subscribe to our channel.

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