the worst Honda
the worst Honda

The Worst Honda

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rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about the worst Honda’s ever made, now. aside from somewhat weak automatic transmissions, Honda’s have generally. made pretty good cars, but like any other manufacturer. they’ve made mistakes, and here’s the biggest ones that I’ve ever seen, now the. first big mistake was the 1994 Honda Passport. now I guess Honda wanted to get into the SUV market, so the passport was just a. rebadged isuzu, it was made by Isuzu in Isuzu factories and it just had

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the worst Honda

Honda emblems on them, they were not really Honda’s but Honda sold them as a Honda. so it’s carrying the Honda name, and to me that was a big mistake by Honda. they were gas hogs, my customers with them had all kinds of problems as they. aged, and a lot of them didn’t know they thought they were getting a Honda SUV, no. they weren’t they were getting an Isuzu, not long after that Isuzu pulled. out of the United States as a car seller, that says something you know, the United. States is a huge market and if you pull your vehicles out, you pretty much say oh. we can’t make it in this competitive market where there’s lots of profit to. be made, they should have been happy making good cars, back then Honda was.

still making some pretty good cars, selling lots them to the people, and not. get into a market like SUVs using somebody else’s vehicle not even their. own, now the next mistake was the 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid, now the early Honda. hybrids the small ones, they were pretty much a failure they didn’t sell that. many of them, personally I thought they’re ugly as can be, they were really ugly. looking car, and when I drove around Houston here I’d see a bunch of them. sitting at the Honda dealers just collecting dust because nobody wanted to. buy the things, but the old five Accord Hybrid was the worst one they ever made. the transmissions slipped and many of them you had to spend a fortune having. the transmission rebuilt, they weren’t very well made, now the new 2018 accord.

hybrids, hey those things are really interesting technology, they’re afar. step away from those old ones, they’ve got two electric motors to help. drive it, it’s a completely redo but 2005 Accord Hybrid stay away from one of. those, now my next pick is the original Honda that was sent to the United States. the Honda 600, now the reason they called it. the Honda six hundreds because it had a five hundred ninety-eight cc engine so. they rounded it up to six hundred, it was a two-cylinder air-cooled motorcycle.

engine that was stuck in the hood of this tiny little car and an electric fan. inside to blow air to help cool the engine, I actually worked on these things. when I was a young mechanic, if Honda introduced a car like that today,. oh it’d be a massive failure, now we do have to take into consideration the times,. Honda was starting up going from a motorcycle. company to a car company, but those things they rode like washing machines. the automatic transmission, you had to shift it with lever, they did have a. clutch but I mean it wasn’t very sophisticated. it can barely get out of its own way, it had a whopping forty seven horsepower and. only thirty-seven foot-pounds of torque, and the funniest thing was, one of my. father’s customers that owned one, the guy was like six foot six.

he came crawling out of this car and the first time I ever saw it I thought, whoa. this is like something at the Shriners circus where they all come out of these. little cars you know, but he was really a cheap. guy, and it did get phenomenal gas mileage, and he liked saving money when. he was driving because he was an accountant, that was a truly terrible car. to drive around with it hardly any amenities at all, like I say hey that was. the first car they sold in the United States and it was a transitional one, if.

you would compare that thing to a modern Honda Accord with a v6 engine, you’d. think they came from completely different planets, but I have to give it. to Honda they certainly evolved from that basic little motorcycle two. cylinder air-cooled engine, they certainly changed their engineering and. went a lot forward, now the next bad vehicle that Honda made. was the Honda Odyssey, throughout history they had problems especially. with automatic transmissions, the 1995 Odyssey was the worst, they had head. gaskets failure, transmission failures they were true clunkers, now they did. refine them over the years, but they’ve always had automatic transmission.

problems, I had quite a few of my own customers have the transmissions go out,. I did a little research on the internet and I’d print it out to them, they went to. Honda and they ended up getting brand-new transmission put in these cars. free, they didn’t have to pay anything for it, but the point that the. transmissions broke in the first place and a lot of the engines they had. problems with the v6 cams, that they would wear and then they’d start moving. back and forth a little bit, and you’d have to rebuild the engine, that’s uncalled. for in a company like Honda it’s known for making strong engines, and when. you’re talking about the odyssey’s main competition coming from their highly. reliable Toyota Sienna van, you’d be foolhardy to buy a Honda Odyssey van,. when you can get a Toyota van that would run circles around it over time, so if. you ask me here again, Honda they started with motorcycles and small cars when they. got into bigger things, like the passport SUV. or the Honda Odyssey van, maybe big is not the. thing that Honda should get involved in now that’s bad vehicle was the 1988.

Honda Prelude that’s got that four-wheel steering, the idea is when you got a. small space to park into on the road, if your front and your rear wheels can turn,. then the car can go in and park really easy in very small spaces, the rear. steering part was always breaking down on these things, it cost thousands and. thousands of dollars to fix, it was an idea that, okay that sounds like it might. be a good idea, but hey if you’re taking something that’s normally stationary,. just goes down the road and all of a sudden you’re making it so those parts. turn too, it was a recipe for disaster it may have been the first production.

vehicle to feature four-wheel steering but hey that’s a feature that really was. probably a big mistake, at high speeds it also could engage so you’d have really. crisp steering at higher speeds, they wouldn’t go the same way they kind of go. the opposite ways when you’re steering it at. really high speeds, so yeah it’s a trick to make it go like a racecar. but hey you’re driving it on the street, so really stay away from high-tech.

things like that that yeah they’re not proven, you don’t find them in cars now. unless you’re into really exotic cars, and let’s face it I mean exotic cars. cost exotic money to repair, and their values plummet like a stone going over. Niagara Falls, so stay away from the prelude with the all-wheel steering, now. the last bad Honda design I’m gonna talk about is a 2002 Civic Si, it was pretty. much a poorly designed vehicle, the exhaust manifolds would often crack, the. transmissions would often fail because of engineering designs, the engine blocks. had a tendency to crack, even the headliners over your head were sagging down. they just looked bad as they aged, it was also the first time in 14 years to have.

the steering attached to the struts so it didn’t work all that well, and it had. the least amount of suspension travel, so it road really bad, the less travel. your shocks have, the worst the rides gonna be, this was really the worst. riding Civic of all time, granted it rode better than that early. Honda 600, the first one they brought that had a two-cylinder motorcycle. engine in it, but it didn’t fare all that much better driving down the road, those. things were like riding around on a bucket, so now you know a bunch of. Honda’s that you should stay away from, they were basically poorly made and. designed vehicles, which is kind of rare for a company like Honda because they’re. known for quality engines and cars that can last a really long time, but like. of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!.

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